All About Indigenous Tribes in 1780


 When the tribes were making tools they would go get a stick and two big stones and some twine. They would take the two big stones and bang one on the other to shape a blade. Then they would take the twine, the stick and the blade and put them together, and now they have a spear. 



How Indigenous People got around: 


In the summer months the Indigenous  People would travel across the land by walking, or canoeing. The  Indigenous People were the inventors of the modern day canoe. They would use the canoe to travel long distances across water and land. In the winter the Indigenous  People got around on dog sleds. 


What Indigenous People lived in:


 The indigenous people lived in teepees. A teepee is the kind of tent that they had in those days. The cheapest were made out of deerskin or other animal skins.  Another name for it is leather. They would use a tall log as a support post Rolled the leather up. 

Inside the teepee there are all of the things that you would have in a normal house.

 Incept for that they use torches because there weren’t light bulbs invented in those days. Like any normal house it would have a bed but the bed would not be anything like ours their beds are made of logs and They don’t have mattresses so They sleep bison or wrong or any other animal with long hair they hunt them and use their skin as a mattress and a blanket. 

 They have a kitchen like a normal house. Their ovens are made of stone just like their tools because they don’t have any metal. What they do is they get wood or logs and put it in the oven and they crush rocks together Makes little Sparks of fire that light the wood on fire. now they put the food in the oven to cook. their kitchen tables are very similar to ours except theirs are made from logs and their chairs are also. Their cushions are made out of bison skins or wolf skins. For decorations, they use reindeer or moose antlers.




                                                What indigenous peoples eat



Traditional food is an important aspect of food sovereignty for Indigenous people and communities. Traditional foods come from local plant or animal resources through gathering, growing, fishing, trapping or harvesting. Traditional food can include game, moose, deer, seaweed, berries and roots.

An indigenous party


An indigenous party is called a pow-wow. 

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