Wolves are strong animals. 

Wolves are hunters they will go for musk oxen/ox bison fish rabbits squirrels and all time favourite baby elk/other deer species.

 I went to the Parc Omega for my 8 birthday. We spent the night with the wolves it was so fun. We stayed up past their bedtime and I think we woke them up. There are many types of wolves like the white wolf, grey wolf, arctic wolf, plains wolf, northwestern wolf, coastal wolf, Mexican wolf, tundra wolf, Tibetan, and Himalayan wolf. Wolves hunt in packs or in groups of smaller numbers like two or three.

4 thoughts on “🐺🐺Wolves🐺🐺

  1. Wow! I’ve been to Parc Omega and really enjoyed it but I had no idea you can sleep there and be with the wolves. Were they howling when you woke them up? Thank you for the interesting information about wolves. What other animals did you see at Parc Omega? Have you been there in the winter? I’ve only been there in the summer.

    Mrs. Reichstein

    1. Hi Mrs.Reichstein,
      I don’t think I have bin to parc oméga in the winter ❄️.I think I had one of the best sleep I ever had. when I got there the wolves 🐺 were howling. My dad barely slept at all.
      From Fenway

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